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More About Jewellery

Do you ever see a really “fashionable” woman walking down the street without it? Jewellery is a popular accessory that countless cultures have used to accentuate themselves, even from ages ago. The many different styles and designs of Jewellery in the modern days have often been used in order to beautify an object or figure, such as using a necklace to make one’s neck longer. Still, the usage of Jewellery is important in many people’s daily lives, whether it’s for beauty, wealth, or fashion.

Even over 100,000 years ago, Jewellery, in the form of beads, was worn in Northern Africa. Ancient civilizations all over the world used Jewellery as a way to show their position and power within a society. For example, wealthier and high ranked citizens would often wear golden Jewellery, whereas the poorer citizens didn’t wear any at all. Nowadays, many people wear Jewellery, and even some of the poorer citizens have some precious Jewellery. However, in modern times, the more wealthy and pure gold accessories are now difficult to obtain. As a result, costume Jewellery and fashion Jewellery are popular choices for middle classed citizens, seeing as they aren’t quite as expensive, and can be found in almost any clothing store.

Although both costume and fashion Jewellery have many similarities, they are different in several aspects. Where costume Jewellery is often of a lesser quality and made with cheaper or fake stones, fashion Jewellery is a little more expensive, sometimes coated with gold or sterling silver and adorned with semiprecious stones. Still, these pieces of Jewellery are far from the thousand dollar Tiffany’s necklace. Both costume and fashion Jewellery can be found anywhere, created from gold and silver based metals, and using colored glass and beads as gemstones, instead of diamonds. Even though they might not be the real thing, costume Jewellery can sometimes look just as nice.

There are many different types of Jewellery that can be worn, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. In the modern world, more and more people are getting piercings all over their body too: their face, stomach, and a huge number of piercings on their ears. For many women and girls who enjoy having a large variety of earrings, they often own a huge collection of costume Jewellery, which is cheaper but can look authentic. This is also an easy way to find Jewellery that matches with their ever-changing outfits, while not having to spend too much money. Even so, costume and fashion Jewellery still have the ability to look very beautiful, and quite similar to the true designer brand ones.

Other than using gold and silver based metals, costume Jewellery is also made from beads and other fake stones. However, if you think that beaded Jewellery doesn’t have the potential to look beautiful, you are by far wrong. With the huge variety of shapes and colors that beaded Jewellery can take on, a beaded choker could be far more suited with a summer dress, rather than an expensive-looking gold one. However in a more formal situation, fashion Jewellery may be the correct choice. Don’t forget though, even the less expensive accessories can be quite beautiful!


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