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How to Care for Your Imitation Jewellery


Jewellery adds fashion and beauty to our outfits and even a simple look can be enhanced to bring out a stylish elegance to our appearance.

Imitation Jewellery is a great way to have that new accessory at an affordable price. These days it is often very difficult to tell whether the piece is authentic or not and for those not in a position to buy expensive jewellery there is a huge range of very fashionable Imitation jewellery available in store or online.

Whilst Imitation Jewellery may not be made from precious metals or gems they should still be cared for in the same manner as more expensive jewellery.

The proper care of your Jewellery will ensure that it continues to look good and lasts for a long time. The most damaging factor to Jewellery is exposure to water and caustic or abrasive cleaning solutions. It is therefore important to take off your Jewellery before any kind of water exposure (i.e. showering, swimming, spa), and don’t forget to take off rings or other jewellery that may get wet before washing dishes, washing clothes or using household/industrial cleaning solutions.

It is also a good idea to take off Jewellery prior to exercising because sweat can dull shiny surfaces over time. Jewellery should be put on after applying hairspray or perfume because these substances can cause discolouration and dull the shining surface of jewellery.

Before cleaning Jewellery it should be inspected to ensure there are no loose stones, broken clasps or chains that may require repairing.

To clean dust or dirt from a piece of Jewellery use a soft cloth or very soft toothbrush and lightly brush the area. A child’s toothbrush or makeup brush makes an ideal brush but care must be taken not to apply too much pressure.

For more stubborn marks use a slightly damp soft cloth or baby wipe to carefully wipe the piece clean. If the mark is very stubborn dip the edge of the cloth into a solution of warm water with a drop of mild liquid detergent. Squeeze out any excess water and lightly rub the mark with the damp edge. Dry the piece immediately using a lint free soft cloth. Imitation Jewellery should never be soaked in any liquid as this can dissolve the glue or loosen the Jewellery settings.

Jewellery should be stored in a lined Jewellery box if possible or other airtight container to limit exposure to air which can discolour the Jewellery over time.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sheryl_Thompson


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